We can help you get into the best University possible. Now this doesn’t have to be your final University. We can give you extra homework and if you do well in your normal classes and your extra homework then after two or three years we can help you transfer to a better University.

Our Services​

  • Help determine which University is best for you.
  • Apply for your child’s visa.
  • Help get your child ready for his/her move abroad.
  • If you want, I can then give you extra homework to do.
  • Help you apply for a better University later.
  • Help you get a new visa for the better University.
  • Anything else to make sure your child has an easy transition.

Be very careful! Some of my competitors will guarantee you entrance into one of the top Universities for a fee. What they don’t tell you is that a large percentage fail. They don’t care what happens to you once you get in. We won’t let you fail. We will make sure that you CAN excel at the university you are going to and if you want, you can transfer to a better University later. Remember, you are going to be going to another country. Why not spend some time enjoying the sites, instead of studying all the time with a good possibility of failing. Get a good education and enjoy where you are. Let us explain how we can help you.